Creamfields Poland, Wroclaw (PL)

After a two years lasting break the Polish edition of Creamfields got a revival. With acts like Deep Dish, Kosheen, Richie Hawtin, den Audio Bullys, Andy C, Lucca, Paul van Dyk, Scarlett Etienne and many many that Saturday, July 1st in Wroclaw (Breslau) had been a musical state of emergency. Short before I ruined my chances to meet some British guys as somehow I favoured the victory of Portugal. In view of the fee situation I think it is disrespectful to let your fans waiting while you’re watching football. Nevertheless the bigger part of the artists appeared in time to kick off the festival and keep it rolling.

An old agricultural airfield southwest of Wroclaw had been the playground for the Creamfields guys to put up their three tents and the main stage. Together with Scarlett Etienne and by I arrived the festival at about 18:00. While driving we passed many police traps, where lots of just arriving festival guests got a special in-depth check by the Polish cops. Except for the taxi transfer I laid my fate into the hands of German/Polish railways. That has been the best decision as riding a car in exceptionally hot summer isn’t big fun. Climate god answered Creamfields’ prayers and a lusciously shining sun sent sweaty 30 degrees to earth.
Most eagerly awaited act had been the appearance of Deep Dish. Both, Sharam as well as Dubfire continued the work of Bob Sinclar and set the roof of the Mystic House tent on fire. Another great DJ set had been delivered at the Tech Genetic tent by Richie Hawtin, who seemed to be quite inspired after drinking zwo bottles of champaign.

Though the pearl of that night and the entire Polish Creamfields 2006 was somebody else. Andy C’s incredible DJ abilities let many jaws drop. Together with Andy I took the last transfer from the festival area to Wroclaw city centre, where I spent another two waiting for the train back to Berlin. After more or less successfully defending myself from not becoming involved in some pigeons’ reproduction rituals while sitting on a train station bench, my train finally arrived to bring me back to Berlin, without aircondition in an large capacity compartment…

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