Carl Cox & Paul van Dyk at Arena Berlin

To adapt Carl Sandburg freely: “What if they held a war Loveparade and nobody showed up? Then the LoveParade is coming to you! So it did and still does; but meanwhile only in Germany’s Ruhrpott region. Partying on the occasion of or despite a cancelled Loveparade became a little Berlin tradition in the past years and let us didn’t really feel the need for the mother of all parades. Every year, also in 2007, the usual suspects appear to preach God’s kingdom of heaven party on earth by prophecies like 800 DJs on 40 Floors. Due to Love Parade’s existence The Love From Above had been brought into being; it still sees its continuation.

Vandit Night, that is every time anew a parade of important, very important, in fact extremely important persons, who usually don’t care about the city’s nightlife, but who show up to see and to be seen. For that no small part of the audience the music is more or less a framework programme. That lets the entire event appear in a more grotesque light as the prestige to visibly stand in the VIP area is more vehemently defended than personal freedom, that now is endangered by Schäuble the state.

The Love From Above had been a foretaste of what is to come from the Home secretaries in all things called video surveillance. All and everybody walking around had been photographed or filmed umpteen times. Due to massive presence of media and film crews I took only photos of the stage, artists and lighting mood, as I didn’t want to crowd the people additionally. Taking no photos of clubbers also doesn’t inconvenience me to publish the usual article, to make this night appear to be something special. The presentation of his new album had been a meticulously planned performance, where the audience had to bravely play its role behind the fences which are separating the parallel world called stage from the rest of the earth. Each and any annoyance had been immediately choked off. The one clubber, who just wanted to dance on the stage, his bones will surely remember that hard security attack for a long time.

The songs will formidably serve its purpose though, as focus is specifically being put on mass media compatibility and the person Matthias Paul. Optically the latter one was hyped by the stage show as well. Beside some lovely synchronized scanners and the permanently flood-lit van Dyk nothing really serious appeared on the stage. The screens only displayed song names and who’s singing, that’s it. That is a bit insipid when somebody’s playing who claims to be world’s number one DJ. The stage show was nothing special when compared to f.e. Daft Punk, who recently gave evidence of the high potential and effect when melting together visuals and music. The gig’s flow was concentrated, but appeared a little superimposed, static and to be far away from what clubbers know as lively live act.

While writing this article I immediately remember myself of the review I wrote about Junkie XL’s album Today. Its common ground with Paul van Dyk’s In Between is the intention to save already existing market shares; conquering more is not unwanted. Despite all criticism the fans will dead certainly arrange that this financial aim will be reached in near future.
Capitalism translated into music by Paul van Dyk Corporation? Well, true fans will see that quite different. People with a good judgement won’t ignore that question though.

But now about Carl… Cox Roxxx… Within the Vandit Night scope he gave evidence again. The sunny boy and only splash of colour couldn’t play that night the way he wanted though. His set only lasted two hours and had several trance influences, which symbolized the assimilation to a long lasting night, whose running order included the word van Dyk three times. The light jockey seemed to sympathize with Cox more than with any other, as during Carl’s DJ set the light effects gained strength. The night became really interesting when the heavyweight started to send his techno, massive like a battle Valkyrie overrunning the crowd.

The night did end more quickly then intended. After a security gorilla man stroke down my specs (by accident?), the glasses broke and I had no chance to have a look at the second floor at Glashaus, where Santiago Nino was playing.

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