Anthony Pappa at Sfinks, Sopot (PL)

Not only for IT specialists the following would be a simple, but yet definitive piece of logic: If Pappa, then Eastern Europe, if not to say Poland.

Since a few months already Anthony Pappa is belonging to the crew of radio anchormen. Even if it’s not about the traditional verbal way of moderation, Tony’s Moments show is handing over the megaphone to the actual protagonist: nonstop electronic music. And those people who are liking the Moments sound would truly have fallen in love with that club night in early February, musically of course. It’s been pure Moments feeling, showcased on really good and powerful sound system.

The party name Progreacja is a neologism created by the same people, who are behind the TribaliS TotaliS imprint, a ground-breaking party concept that saw artists like Jonathan Lisle, Kasey Taylor or Pete “The Shaker” Bones setting Polish clubs on fire. In contrast to nationwide hosted TribaliS TotaliS parties, Progreacja is focussing on the Sfinks club in Sopot, a lovely Baltic sea spa. That venue near Gdansk (Danzig) is Poland’s longest running club and will soon celebrate its 14th year of existence. The place is located about 150 meters from the coast of the Baltic sea. Just try to imagine the great feeling, when leaving the club in a lukewarm summer night or at sunrise. You hear the birds and the waves, while chilling on the beach. That major ingredient makes parties going long there, even until 10 or 11am in the morning. A really good place to play quality music.

So far Pappa played Polish clubs twice, whereby for the progressive community in Poland his gig in late 2005 at the Klatka club in Warsaw was the most explosive one to date. For our European nighbours the name Pappa stands for an extremely danceable and technically perfect blend of emotional and forward thinking electronic dance music, which works in both apects: live on the dance floor, as well as studio mix and on CD. On the tick, at 10pm, that very same sound mixture got released when Quantum Mekk started his kicking warm-up. The bar area became crowded slowly. Spending all the time there in the side show could have ended in wrong conclusions, as there it seemed that the night started less busy than expected. Suchlike thoughts would have been wide of the mark though as the main floor seemed to have a massive gravitation. Straightaway from the door and the cloak room people went there, where good music should be celebrated – the (dance floor) boards that mean the world.

While Quantum Mekk’s set had a few melodic breaks, Tony’s set was pure rhythm from the beginning; stroke upon stroke, groove upon groove. Showing no mercy, Tony dished up corker after corker and didn’t let us have a breather, literally. There was no chance to rest during his three hour lasting DJ appearance. People on the light-flooded dance floor saw themselves constantly being massaged by tribal rhythms and cannonades of rolling bass. Tony’s knowledge, abilities and his excellent sense for rhythm, from the times when he was playing drums, are now supporting him to manually spice up his DJ sets with surgically precise beats, even complete beat sequences, by playing on the cue buttons of the CD decks. This lets every quiet break become to be a new musical epicenter of a further wave of rhythm. Quite suddenly three entertaining hours of dancing nonstop came to its close. Indulged in fan interaction, a visibly delighted Anthony Pappa even let the air moisture condensate: water dropping from the ceiling, long time no see.

The Sfinks, a small and unimposing white cottage located in the heart of Sopot and near the beach, is definitely a sly old dog of clubbing pleasures. Its interior will Berliners surely reminded of the glory days of the Sage club. Unfortunately the alcoholisation level of some of the male guests constantly rised, quickly and in estimated powers of ten. Pushy people, who are not able to distinct between “buddy” and “bunny” at an early hour, are darkening the friendly atmosphere a bit. However, such people are common and everywhere. However, the gratefully partying public, very well mixed in all things called age, gender and look, compensated that little bad point. Either way, seeing Anthony Pappa is always a travel worth :-)

Anthony Pappa, truly a man of the moment(s)

On April 7th Anthony’s newest CD compilation project will be released. Titled “Moments” as well, he’ll deliver a 2 CD sound journey, which will also include a 3rd mix available as download only.

People not having the chance to fly directly to Gdansk, can start their way either in Warsaw or Szczecin (Stettin). Both cities have a direct, 4.5 hours lasting train connection to Sopot. To boot Stettin isn’t far away from Berlin, just 1.5 hours by car. Sopot itself is a lovely spa, offering direct view onto the Baltic sea plus nice beaches.

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