Laurent Garnier at Weekend club Berlin

Wow… What a sound. Laurent Garnier truly deserves the title world class DJ. He is one of the few, who is visibly delighted when spinning. Easily he let his acoustic sparks fly, to set the place and crowd on fire.

I really liked the warm-up by Alex Kid, who started things slowly to prepare the club for the arrival of icon Laurent Garnier by dropping excellently kicking deep house tunes. Being aware of bugging flash usage, I took the photos the AL way (available light; ISO3200-6400, f2.8, min 1/8s) as in such dark clubs every flash blinds the eyes and leaves a long lasting impression on ones retina behind. I didn’t want Laurent to spin his 8 hour at the Time Warp while being handicapped in such manner ;-)

“Laurent Garnier, puttin’ the Sex into Techno” – this statement is as true as a prophecy.The hypnotic and eclectic sound of the Frenchman is Viagra for your ears and mind; it drove the people through the night and let the queue grow, since after 3:30 many people desired to become admitted. Those who didn’t make it into the club I’d like to recommend “It is what it is”, Laurent’s radio show on FG DJ Radio Paris. His motto is “For the love of Music” – and that is clearly visible, in every second of Laurent Garnier’s dj sets.

Très très bien Laurent :-) Merci!

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