Pokerflat & Dessous at Watergate, going twice

Last Saturday the club next to Oberbaumbrücke evidenced one more time, that it is a heavy weight in the Champions League of clubbing.

First of all: this review deliberately has no up-to-date photos of the latest Pokerflat night. The owner wants to tighten the ban on compact cameras and photos in general. Thus, somebody getting a special treatment, to be allowed to walk around with a big DSLR cam, doesn’t really support those plans. Personally that ban on compact cams definitely meets my philosophy, since it underlines the exclusiveness and classiness of my Watergate photos. It’s only a matter of time until you can see here new impressions of Watergate parties.

Other nightlife “magazines” don’t give a tinker’s damn about the needs and wishes of the crowd, artists and owner. By insanely snapshooting and flashing around they poke their noses into everything. Such usual suspects are of course the Nachtagenten as well as also the much lauded Resident Advisor. Artists often have to take care that they don’t get socked in the kisser, since such “photographers” love to hold a cam right in the front of the face, flashing directly into the eyes. From my point of view, in a club as dark as the Watergate, such behaviour is highly brainless, stupid and disrespectful. Dabblers like that undermine the work and efforts of true professionals and discredit an entire field of photography. Event photography and live portraits very well can have a qualitative artistic as well as journalistic background. Thus this review shows kind of a Best of photos I took at the Watergate.

But let’s get back to the original topic, the Pokerflat and Dessous night, which returned to the Watergate after a year. In time at 0:00 o’clock the night started, when Phonique sent the first grooves through the sound system of the Waterfloors. The run on the Watergate was immense, the queue easily reached the entrance of 103. Some too big groups of pissed up British were sent back home without further ado. Fortunately. But generally speaking soon the major part of the waiting clubbers saw themselves dancing on the two floors that mean the clubbing world. While spinning Phonique dropped some really good uplifting deep house tunes. The people on the Waterfloor thankfully accepted his sound and thus the lower part of the venue had a very good and rocking time, while upstairs on the main floor Argy got ready to do the warm-up. The friendly bar staff quickly fulfilled all drink requests and didn’t show concerns even when hearing the word Mojito (due to fresh mint).

The sound Argy played was a bit war ein wenig quirky, jingling and from my point of view a bit too meaningless. Though, it worked, also the people on the main floor accepted the sound. When Pokerflat figurehead number 1, Steve Bug, took over at 3:00 o’clock, the main floor already was a pot close to boiling point. Taken for granted, Mister Bug exceeded all expectations by pushing the crowd’s boiling point close to vaporisation.

That top-class night saw further acts by the likes of Patrick Chardronnet (live), Clé and Martin Landsky. It surely rocked the pillars of brigde Oberbaumbrücke until early or even late Sunday hours. Though, at 5:00 I felt the need to see my bed.

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