Layo & Bushwacka at SQ Club Poznan

A ride to catch up with Layo & Bushwacka; not to Rio, but to Poznan, to Poland’s venue of the moment, the SQ club. A great opportunity to visit the much lauded club itself plus finally finding out who is Layo and who is Bushwacka.

Due to bizarre train schedules1 of DB/PKP the option to travel by train receded into far distance. Who does really fancy to finish a club night waiting 4-5 hours for the next train back home? Hence: inflate the tires, refuel the tank, get yourself a fire extinguisher2 and head to the East by car. The 260km distance Berlin-Poznan sounds tiny, but can become a pain in the neck. It’s is really a completely new driving experience when being stuck behind a Russian six-wheeler’s butt haemorrhoid-like. There is often no chance to overtake as the guy in front of you is sweeping his 40 tons truck down the road as if there would be no tomorrow. Shortly before Poznan the country road becomes a real highway and after paying a 11 Zloty toll you are allowed to go on heading for one of Poland’s biggest cities. If you follow the road 430 from the highway exit it will automatically lead you to a red brick shopping center; in there is the SQ.

In many aspects the SQ club is chic and trendy; doesn’t matter if it’s about the tidy interior, the nifty leather furniture or a crowd dressed with all clothing/accessoires available and heavily supporting Columbia’s national economy. And latter one was not peanuts by any means, as during the whole night a quite certain aloofness was clearly noticeable. Musically the night started with Glasse and Decoy; whereby here the usage of “musically” needs to be scrutinised a bit. Well, it was funky house music what got out of the sound system, but carpentering truly cheesy vocals into the music every 2 minutes is something one has pretty much get used to it. Above all that is counterproductive for all things called flow and when knowing that the two guys after you aren’t really playing the same music. I watched Glasse several times, for example when doing the warm-up for Sander Kleinenberg or playing the Audioriver festival along with a live druming after Infusion’s live act. So far the name Glasse stood for driving rhythm. Maybe he wants to go new ways with his Glasse & Decoy project, though, rhythmically seen, that new way is pretty contrary to his further work.

Being introduced into the club night that peculiar, taking over the decks by Layo & Bushwacka was a true caesura. Those who fancied pounding bass rhythms immediately flocked onto the dancefloor, while the vocal mob, stiff as a poker and celebrating themselves, left everything behind, to boot even escaped from the club. If the main activities move from the dancing dancefloor to the standing standfloor, then it definitely means a small death sentence for all things called flow, vibe and atmosphere. What can a DJ or DJ team to do in such a case, if a they stand for a certain sound? Right, switching over to play music that definitely works in situ. Layo & Bushwacka very well coped that without giving up too much playing their own style. Though, of course that always happen to the disadvantage of the interaction between DJs and party people. Bushwacka kicked off the Olmeto DJ set by dishing up driving German techno beats. After him Layo changed to pushing house tunes, graced with multiple layers of tool and sounds coming from alternative rock.

The sophisticatedly illuminated lounge in the rear of SQ is separated from the club itself and is a comfortable refuge where downbeat DJs and chillout project can “run riot”, doesn’t matter if by CD, vinyl or e-violin. However, light and sound system on the main floor are definitely aimed on going wild. Hectically flashing scanners at eye-level will surely bring your retina the one or other sensory overload.

The sound system delivers pumping and crisp music while also being decent enough to enable people to chat easily everywhere else than on the dancefloor. Running the sound system at stop position all the time, in a way that every hihat rattles in your ear as if your hind brain is loose, is a no-go and made us instantly driving back to Berlin. Listening to Lostep’s “Burma” or Aphex Twin’s “Didgeridoo” while the sun spectacularly rises behind your back; feeling the first warm sunrays of the day is something really nice :-)

*1 The railroad bridge spanning Oder river is undergoing reconstructions now. That takes much time…
*2 Since 1.1.2008 you’re obliged to have a fire extinguisher on board of your car when driving in Poland. Fines of up to 80 Euros are immediately due for payment when caught without an extinguisher.

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