John Digweed digging in the weeds of Poznan

Speaking about Polish nightlife, then at the moment Poznan-based SQ club is definitely one of Poland’s hottest addresses. For about 4 years now the higher DJ nobilities are streaming in and out of Poznan’s clubbing resource and to celebrate its fourth year of existence quite a music delicacy had been obliged to play: John Digweed. Actively supported by SQ resident Hagal and Warsaw-based Peres, the Brit splashed out a four-hour killer set.

Having arrived the SQ, half Poznan seemed to line up at the club’s entrance. During the summer the club got some nice new features and having left the door behind, your eyes get immediately caught by the new visual star: an LED animation screen embracing the dance floor and lifting the SQ club into optical spheres similar to Berlin’s Watergate.

SQ club’s fourth birthday night got kicked off by Warsaw-based DJ Peres. Originally coming from southerly Katowice, he’s living in Poland’s capital for quite some time now and belongs to the most known faces in the scene as he’s playing in almost every club around and not only in Warsaw. His mixture of warm tech house grooves and solid rhythms punctuated with slightly melodic and progressive funky elements had no problems to drag the people queuing to become admitted directly from the door onto the dance floor.

At midnight he joined forces with another Polish DJ protagonist: Hagal. Playing back-2-back they complemented each other perfectly and in particular the beautiful Polish womankind didn’t hesitate to swing their sexy hips to a groove carrying everything and everyone away. The reputation of SQ is basically the work of resident DJ Hagal and his notorious Friday night parties. Doesn’t matter if deep, hypnotic or driving – the tall and slim bloke really knows what blend of techno and house tunes makes the people on the dance floor go crazy.

Several times he could give proof of his abilities, back in the days at the Warsaw-based Klatka club or when playing on the main stage of Creamfields Poland in 2006. This year in April he had to pull the chestnuts out of the fire since Digweed’s surprising and sudden cancellation knocked all plans pretty on the head. Easily Hagal stepped into the breach and in a blink he turned SQ’s dance floor upside down by throwing in a DJ set that paled all things called disappointment into insignificance, even for fans that came all the way from Moscow specifically to hear Digweed playing.

When using the 1:1 relation between club age and play time as a base, then Digweed was quite lucky that the club just turned 4 and not 20 years. Almost instantly after John took over the controls the club’s brightness got significantly driven down and the LED screen started to wield the sceptre. Photographically that was an immense challenge as even Saddam Hussein had more light in his earth hole and the red light surrounding Digweed always saws up photographic details.

Digweed delivered a DJ set having the explosive force of an outdated German EnBW nuclear power plant. People forgot about time and the clock change, the dance floor was literally set on fire and no leg stood still when John was dropping corker after corker. It is quite a shame that such great moments always are all too soon over, but Digweed’s four hour set was a musical supersonic flight and a more than impressive way to sing Happy Birthday.

While in Germany politicians are trying again to bring past and present up to the scratch of lies, useful Realpolitik is once more only made by the little ones for example when two countries are meeting each other on a musical level. Being back to Berlin the beautiful women (unfortunately) stayed in Poznan, the prognosticated rain sets in and the TV tower shrouds itself in clouds.

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