Audioriver weekender 2010 – When all dikes are breaching…

Final note

Unlike Global Gathering and Creamfields, Audioriver is not just a cheap copy of a British festival brand, but is an authentic piece of (Polish) youth culture that is convincing by its tolerance, vibe and of course by its marvellous line-ups. Also artists are thinking like that. My presence throughout past years as well as seeing joy and pleasure in the faces of friends I took along are unmistakable signs. In particular in terms of hospitality and tolerance Audioriver’s audience is a class of its own. Every time anew the festival is a prime example that our generation is able and above all willing to overcome the fence lines provoked by recent European history and I am very glad to be part of it. There are not many driving forces able to do what music can do.

Nowadays the word LIVE has a much lesser informative value then ten years ago. While back then a live act was often a vivid and visual live show involving lots of tech gear, today live acts are commonly missing a certain interaction, while artists are staring disinterested and more or less stultifying at the screens of their notebooks. Audioriver also convinced again in that discipline as all musicians booked were interacting marvellously with the crowd. And even if some artists had to stare at computer screens, it matched the overall context.

There’s a slightly sour note though… Audioriver is an incredibly successful magnet for visitors and its literally handed to the city of Płock on a silver plate. In the past years it was already (quite) obvious, that this sprat won’t only attract Polish mackerels. However, Płock’s accommodation situation is still a mess…! Only a few hundred guests find/get accommodation in hotels & co. Against the background of a general touristic attractiveness and a population of ~130.000 people, that is truly miserable, as the remaining people then are left to take care for themselves. To boot those few rooms are meanwhile already fully booked in January already.

Sure, it’s a festival and not an international summit and of course it’s pretty funny and a story for your future grandchildren when noticing afterwards that you, being knackered and completely unfamiliar with the place, fell asleep in the front garden of the local sailing club. In the face of such an accommodation situation people looking for civilised circumstances, simple things like shower, toilet and a real bed, will have to swallow quite a bitter pill. Personally I don’t want to take the first train back to Berlin being all in a sweat after having had an all-night party… Also then I am not able to catch both nights the way I want. I want to enjoy such a musical delicacy fully, that means I want to be fit and well-rested.

Płock, you get the chance to give proof of your hospitality and in the same breath it’s an opportunity to make a business (meaning private rented rooms) that is good for BOTH sides. Why don’t you still jump at this chance?

Audioriver Festival 2010 review – used photo equipment: Canon 1Ds Mark III, 16-35 f/2.8L II, 24-70 f/2.8L, 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM II, 85mm f/1.8L and Sigma’s superb 50mm f/1.4 EX

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