Moshic at Fiese Remise in Berlin

When staying true to oneself for more than 10 years then DJ opportunists, jumping on all kinds of musical bandwagons only to be on the spot, might speak about stagnation. That this is not always the case proves DJ and producer Moshic from Israel who belongs to my favourites for more than a decade. On Saturday August 10th time has come and Moshic gave his Berlin debut at the Fiese Remise club, a Berlin-typical location made by the guys running Sage Club and Sage Restaurant.

The memories of the ineffably bad organisation of Kuduro live! party at Arena, an event potentially only held to make public culture funds to go up in smoke, are still pretty much alive. Hence I was a little sceptic what the night with DJ Moshic would be like as Kuduro wasn’t the only time when here in Berlin world class DJs met world class bunglers. With the exception of Moshic’s warm up DJ, here and there not only sound-wise more reminding of David Guetta than of underground (the actual party title), everything was pretty much alright. Fiese Remise is a through and through lovely club. But now let’s stop alle the writing and let some photos talk:

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