Sulphur Mine and Acid Lake – Indonesia sits on a Volcano

There are only a few places on our planet, where our civilized world is colliding with the earth’s forces. Indonesia undoubtedly belongs to those places, as nowhere else in the world human life is daring to sit on a volcano the crowded way. An offshoot of the Pacific Ring of Fire is transporting the seismic heartbeat literally like an artery to the doorsteps of Java, Sumatra & Co.… Read More

economind annual calendar 2009

To announce it the Idols way: after casting, recall and finale 13 pictures made it again to delight a critical Fuller-free jury. The new economind calendar for 2009 had just been printed and guarantees a better half life than any “super star” coronated by Idols… Read More

Pariser Platz square a different way

The most interesting photos are still those providing a new perspective of already known elements. Here is a new view of Brandenburger Gate along with the Pariser Platz square and the towers at Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz square… Read More

Iceland – Elves, Hákarl and boiling Earth

“Elves, Hákarl and boiling Earth” – That’s how Hollywood could have headlined and promoted my Icelandic road movie. At the end of a journey leading almost all around the island, I travelled more than 3800 kilometres through landscapes that nowadays still appear like at the time of God’s creation. For some people Iceland automatically means something like an artically cold island with all-season mulled wine service but it’s so much more.… Read More