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Audioriver Festival 2009 – From Lake Kalksee to Vistula river

Beside already known constants like Plock’s homey Old Town, beautiful Vistula river and the great Polish crowd, the fourth festival edition also had some innovations such as the new day programme on offer. Audioriver’s wisely chosen line-up consolidated its position among Europe’s festival heavyweights, as once again masters of timeless electronic music had been committed to play the open-air party being held some 100km north-western of Warsaw, starting with Richie Hawtin and Ulrich Schnauss, to Gui Boratto and James Holden.… Read More

Watergate relocated from Spree to Maas river!

The DJ sets Timo Maas played in Berlin are all through and through legendary… On the occasion of the Connaisseur label night at the Watergate club, B├╝ckeburg’s music citizen number one finally came again to Berlin, to deliver us a musical thunderstorm in hot July… Read More

Countdown in Budapest

Lima is his most recent musical spot landing, Budapest is an already known terrain and Berlin hasn’t seen him for ages. Even only one of those reasons is already enough to get one’s socks on to celebrate the New Year’s Eve somewhere else, for example at Budapest-based super club Studio; a pretty sexy and perfect place to start the midnightly countdown and letting the corks pop together with a “fisherman, who is djing occasionally” – Nick Warren Read More

Techno on High Heels – Scarlett Etienne at Watergate Berlin

The name Scarlett somehow automatically reminds of Rhett Butler, cotton plantations near Atlanta and Yankees trying to knock about the Confederates. But when putting the ten Oscars awarded tome “Gone with the Wind” against a musical background, then Rhett disappears, Atlanta becomes Berlin and the cotton plantations transform into the Watergate.… Read More

Ten years of dangerous Drumming

It must have been one of those days, which could have given inspiration to Guns N’ Roses’ when composing “November Rain”. Hence, an ideal climatic condition to fight autumn melancholy by spending the night in front of a fireplace of crackling electronic beats… Read More

Everything but watery – Audioriver 2008

Often it is not easy for successors. For example Sister Act; first part was amusing, but the second part of that 90-minute Whoopie Goldberg word stream was something for the garbage. For festivals this piece of wisdom applies as well. Honestly, subconscious expectations were high when hearing the first news about Audioriver 2008.… Read More

Layo & Bushwacka at SQ Club Poznan

A ride to catch up with Layo & Bushwacka; not to Rio, but to Poznan, to Poland’s venue of the moment, the SQ club. A great opportunity to visit the much lauded club itself plus finally finding out who is Layo and who is Bushwacka… Read More

Laurent Garnier at Weekend club Berlin

Wow… What a sound. Laurent Garnier truly deserves the title world class DJ. He is one of the few, who is visibly delighted when spinning. Easily he let his acoustic sparks fly, to set the place and crowd on fire… Read More