Simpson Harbour – Panorama of the Rabaul Caldera

The Simpson Harbour is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful natural harbours. It measures impressive 14×9 kilometres and was once, in World War II an important battle field of the Japanese and Allies. While their fight for supremacy in Oceania and the whole war is over already, a different battle still happens. that is a confrontation of volcanic origin as the harbour is actually a huge caldera having a massive magma chamber underneath. The destructive potential of the Rabaul caldera can throw the whole world into complete turmoil. It’s a lovely and beautiful place on Earth with but certain side effects.

The photo was taken from the hill where the buildings of RVO (Rabaul Volcano Observatory) are located, a place I visited to make my big photo report on East New Britain, an island in Papua New Guinea. To the left of the panorama you can see the remains of ancient strato volcano giants as well as the currently active single Tavurvur crater.

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