Auschwitz – Humans’ darkest Side

January 27th, 1945, that is 71 years ago, the Red Army liberated the camp complex of Auschwitz. Since then the name of that South Polish town stands representatively for the biggest atrocities of mankind and for the ugliest side of war.

Auschwitz – Labour liberates!

Before the great Egon Bahr died he said that we’re living in pre-war times. I second that opinion as when having a closer look at current world and political situation then one can notice that the big meat grinder was already brought into position. Self-aggrandizement, malevolence and greed are inherent character traits of humanity and war unleashes them. One of the most terrible evidences of that is the concentration camp complex of Auschwitz and its extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau; a memorial that every human should have seen once.

No matter if Wroclaw or Cracow, I quite like the cities of South Poland as the former gems of Silesia shine again in the same splendour they had before. Before doesn’t mean Communist times but in many aspects also before 1939, before World War II got started. The former royal city of Cracow being located at Vistula River was scene of an Anti-Jewish pogrom and it’s the river’s upstream course that leads to Oświęcim, a town where Sola River flows into Vistula and where the inconceivable happened.

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