Iceland – Krafla Panorama Photo

After more than 3 years I finally had enough time and inspiration to process a freehand panorama photo taken at the volcanically and geothermally still active Krafla region in the northeast of Iceland Read More

Whooper Swans and Volcanoes – The Northeast of Iceland

Iceland’s fourth biggest town Akureyri is the gate to the island’s spectacular Northeast. Highlights like the majestic Goðafoss, the still pretty active Krafla volcanic region are waiting to indulge your senses as well as the picturesque town of Húsavík. Being located on a wide bay and on the opposite side of snow-covered peaks, it is offering the best opportunities for whale watching in Iceland… Read More

Thousands of Sea Birds and dramatic Cliffs – On the way in the Westfjords

The Westfjords are Iceland’s most remote part of the country. It is not only in the back of beyond, but also a home for countless sea birds hunting for fish and raising their families. The always changing light situation in the narrow fjords surely won’t let you drive straight from A to B as behind every corner there’s another scenic amazement that lets you stop anew and enjoy… Read More

Urban Rurality – Reykjavik and the South of Iceland

It really doesn’t take much time to drive through or around the World’s most northern capital. It is even not a problem to walk through entire Reykjavik. By western definition Iceland’s heart in terms of civilization would beat in the South and South-West; an area counting 200.000 inhabitants and home of the Golden Circle.… Read More

Lava Deserts and perpetual Ice – Iceland’s Southeast

In the East of Vik the roads seem to become endless. The lush lupines-spangled meadows partially blend abruptly into deserts of black sand easily reaching the horizon. The ring road becomes more and more interrupted by small single lane bridges, spanning the small rivers and glacial runoffs of the Mýrdals- and Skeiðarársandur plains.… Read More