Articles and photo series featuring coast landscapes and maritime habitats

Doubtful Sound – Where bold Cliffs meet bold Albatrosses

The Doubtful Sound at the south island’s west coast is one of the large impressive fjords New Zealand has on offer. Unlike Milford Sound, that is usually more known to visitors, it is more winding, has even a couple of islands and its steep slopes are entirely uninhabited unlike Norway’s fjords.… Read More

Rumbling Rabaul – The raging Cauldron of Tavurvur

Rabaul, a settlement in the East of magic exotic Papua New Guinea, has literally one of the hottest chronicles worldwide. On the one hand the equatorial sun is frying everything at temperatures around 30°C and air moisture of ~90%, on the other hand during World War II. Rabaul was caught in the middle when Japanese and US Americans were battling against each other and for dominance in the Pacific Ocean.… Read More

Thousands of Sea Birds and dramatic Cliffs – On the way in the Westfjords

The Westfjords are Iceland’s most remote part of the country. It is not only in the back of beyond, but also a home for countless sea birds hunting for fish and raising their families. The always changing light situation in the narrow fjords surely won’t let you drive straight from A to B as behind every corner there’s another scenic amazement that lets you stop anew and enjoy… Read More