xflo:w Photo Calendar 2012

The past year brought me two extra-ordinary travels, first through North India and later an adventure in the South-West Pacific; I think I don’t have to mention that those two journey had quite a photographical output :-) Both topics are not really combinable hence this year I will put you to the choice to get one of those or even both calendars as I’ll produce two annual photo calendars.Personally I was and am still a big fan of surprises, however to support you to make a better decision, I am providing a preview for the first time ever. Further down you can see the photographs that made it into the 2012 calendar. If you like to know and see more about those places, I recommend the following travel dossiers:

I hope you like the photo selection and your order will rush in :-) This time I want to donate one Euro (1€) per calendar to charitable purposes or to an aid or environmental organisation. The calendar production is a matter of advance order, hence the final copy count determing the actual production cost will be known at the end of the order process. I rely on the same quality and printing company like last year. Due to slightly more expensive paper the new price of a calendar copy will be 14 Euros excl. shipping, but no cent more. Promised!

That’s how the final product looks like (cover sheet, rear cover, 12 month sheets, 50x35cm). As for ordering your copy please inform me personally or through the contact form.

Dead line is November 11th at 11:11 o’clock as then the calendar gets printed to reach you guaranteed before christmas.

Calendar 1: North India

Calendar 2: South-West Pacific

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