Articles and photos of volcanoes, eruptions, lava and geothermal appearances

Tourist Battle at the Tengger Caldera

The Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park is one of Indonesia’s major sights and destination of not a few busses. You can literally start your travel to the Bromo from every of the country’s bigger cities. Writing that, the main reason why the Tengger caldera isn’t an unhurried place already got spoken out. It is really hard to escape from the touristic bustle and at the latest the plastic bag flooded crater bowl of the Bromo will put you off… The most frequented spot is at the same time the highest peak around: Gunung Penanjakan.… Read More

The yellow Hell of the Ijen and the Soldiers of Sulphur

For many people coming to terms with a globalized everyday life became quite an essential daily task. In the East of the Indonesian island of Java, at the Ijen volcano (Kawah Ijen) to be more precise, courageous men are ruining their health day by day. To make their living, everyone literally transforms into a hell of a guy, when wresting sulphur, the yellow gold, from the fumaroles in a height of 2400 meters.… Read More

The Crater Lakes of Mount Kelimutu

The multi-coloured crater lakes of the Kelimutu volcano are truly the biggest touristic highlights the Indonesian island of Flores has on offer. To get there, needs some talent for spontaneity, especially in low season. It doesn’t matter where you start your travel, if in Ende, Maumere or Moni, travellers are most welcome; helping them is a matter of importance for the locals… Read More

Fireworks on the other Side of the World – The Yasur volcano on Tanna/Vanuatu

Passing the Immigration and getting one’s passport checked is actually the same everywhere in the world: a more or less bored grumpy officers stamp the ink seal uninterestedly into one’s travel document. The welcome at the doorstep of the island republic of Vanuatu is different. Friendliness is the most normal thing in the world and the Chief can also acclaim you with an “Ey man, you got a really nice watch!”… Read More

Whooper Swans and Volcanoes – The Northeast of Iceland

Iceland’s fourth biggest town Akureyri is the gate to the island’s spectacular Northeast. Highlights like the majestic Goðafoss, the still pretty active Krafla volcanic region are waiting to indulge your senses as well as the picturesque town of Húsavík. Being located on a wide bay and on the opposite side of snow-covered peaks, it is offering the best opportunities for whale watching in Iceland… Read More