Articles and photos of volcanoes, eruptions, lava and geothermal appearances

Ice Caves and Fumaroles – South Kamchatka’s volcanic Soul

Mutnovsky and Gorely are the names of the volcanic protagonists in Kamchatka’s South; two places known to many tourists visiting Kamchatka as almost every tour makes a stop over there to bring humans in touch with the admittedly weaker appearances of the biggest force on our planet. South Kamchatka is more inhabited than the north, which is no surprise as it is home of the regional capital Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and its suburb Yelizovo, the airfield welcoming the big and small airplanes from coming from Moscow and elsewhere.… Read More

Klyuchevskoy and Tolbachik – The northern Volcano Giants

Kliuchevskoi – an impressive name reminding of a Russian poet and thinker. Actually the official name of Russia’s pyramid is Klyuchevskaya Sopka (Ключевская сопка) but even for the locals this title seems to be a little too long. The fire mountain stands for quite a bunch of superlatives, for example being with an altitude of about 4800 meters the highest volcano not only on Eurasian continental plate but also in northern hemisphere.… Read More

Iceland – Krafla Panorama Photo

After more than 3 years I finally had enough time and inspiration to process a freehand panorama photo taken at the volcanically and geothermally still active Krafla region in the northeast of Iceland Read More

Sunda – The Fire Mountain Strait

When magma – normally being covered by the Earth’s mantle – comes to light and shakes hands with water, experts only speaks of a phreatomagmatic eruption slightly subcooled, whereas the world we know is confronted with an explosive force that can be several hundred Hiroshima bombs strong. In the year 1883 such a volcanic eruption of epic proportions occurred.… Read More

Tavurvur in Black and White

The huge cloud packages carried by the south-east trade winds over Papua New Guinea are regulars in the sky spanning the world’s third largest insular state. Unbelievably impressive and beautiful light moods emerge when the sun and clouds are dancing together while letting in particular the small strato volcano Tavurvur, being located inside the Rabaul caldera, appear very photogenic; even that photogenic that it is worth to experiment with a black & white conversion of some already known images… Read More

Rumbling Rabaul – The raging Cauldron of Tavurvur

Rabaul, a settlement in the East of magic exotic Papua New Guinea, has literally one of the hottest chronicles worldwide. On the one hand the equatorial sun is frying everything at temperatures around 30°C and air moisture of ~90%, on the other hand during World War II. Rabaul was caught in the middle when Japanese and US Americans were battling against each other and for dominance in the Pacific Ocean.… Read More

Continental Drift en miniature – The Lava Lake of Erta Ale

Real lava lakes are a rare sight on our planet. Over all there are only a handful currently active and of course somehow they have to be accessible to stand at its crater rim. In Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression one of the most beautiful, majestic and mystic of its kind can be seen, the lava lake of Erta Ale volcano Read More

Dusting pointless… On the go through Danakil Desert

The debate about the hottest place on Earth is presumably as old as humanity itself. People believing their bedroom among the top 10 of those places will be disappointed when hearing about places like Ethiopia’s Danakil desert, where the sun begins to singe everything having a heartbeat while at 9:30 in the morning West Europeans get ready to enjoy their second breakfast.… Read More

Dallol – Like on a different Star

Dallol is the lowest volcanically active spot on Earth’s mainland and to boot Danakil’s hottest place. Not only oven-like air is holding a meeting there, also several chemically enriched pools and its richly coloured salts are courting your retina’s favour. If there’s acidic water pouring out of the ground to your feet and the surrounding air becomes sometimes pretty smelly and corrosive, then it doesn’t sound neither appealing nor inviting.… Read More