Fissure Eruption 2012 at Tolbachik

Link collection of the best photos and videos showing the fissure eruption 2012 at southern flank of Tolbachik volcano on Kamchatka peninsula in Russia.

Jesus, I could kick myself… I would have loved to capture such impressive images of volcanic Kamchatka. To boot geologically seen the distance of two months means only the split of a blink of an eye. Leningradskaya, the place with the wooden shacks, where the Soviet lunar mobile got tested, where two months ago I was walking around, got completely buried by lava. Here are some links that are reflecting the eruption very well:

Fantastic 360° aerial panorama photos

Aerial images taken by my friend Sergey Krasnoshchekov

Photos by Sergey Gorshkov

Videos of the lava flows

Very good compilation of images taken by various photographers

Eruption videos

Official photo gallery of KVERT

Article on explaining lava flow features with the help of Tolbachik

NASA satellite images

Time lapse of Kozyrevsk-based KVERT webcam

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