xflo:w Photo Calendar 2014

Thanks a lot for the success of the Kamchatka calendar released last year. Also for 2014 I will publish a photo calendar, even two calendars again, to be precise as photogenic New Zealand’s varity leaves me no choice. You can choose between a mountain and volcano edition or a calendar featuring coasts and wildlife. Read on to see the preview:

Please order through the following contact form

Calendar 1: New Zealand’s Mountains and Volcanoes

Calendar 2: New Zealand’s Coasts and Wildlife


  • Photo selection above (the complete photographic travel dossier here)
  • Donation of 1€ per sold calendar for charity purpose
  • That’s what the final product looks like (cover, back sheet, 12 months, 50x35cm or 75x53cm)
  • The calendar gets produced in Berlin, not China and is available upon advance order only!
  • Small calendar costs 14 Euros, large calendar costs 19 Euros per piece. Shipping costs are included.
  • I kindly ask for prepayment. Collective order per country possible.
  • Order deadline is Nov 11th at 11:11 o’clock
  • Guaranteed shipping before christmas and New Year
  • Furthr product information

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