Christian Heritage – The Chora Church of Istanbul

Far in the west of old Constantinople and originally being located outside the city walls a jewel and testimony of early Christianity can be seen, that is the Chora Church. Like Hagia Sophia it was once being transformed into a mosque. Today it is called Kariye Museum and holds the worldwide most historically significant as well as elaborated mosaics and frescos of Palaiologan Renaissance… Read More

Hagia Sophia – The Mosque once being a Church

For more than 1.000 years Hagia Sophia sits where Europe and Asia shake hands. Even today this last of late antiquity’s main churches can still boast with having the largest dome of the world. It served as main and coronation church of old Byzantium and its capital Constantinople, present Istanbul, as well as Ottoman main mosque.… Read More

Istanbul – Heimliche Hauptstadt der Türkei

Das ich an der weltweit einzigen auf zwei Kontinenten gelegenen Stadt einen Narren gefressen habe, ist ein offenes Geheimnis. In Istanbul hat sich seit meinem ersten Besuch in 2007 viel geändert. Zum Beispiel erstrahlen jetzt nach langjähriger Restauration sowohl die Hagia Sophia als auch die Süleymaniye Moschee in endgültig neuem Licht.… Read More

Late Summer at Bosporus

Beside spring also late summer is one of the most attractive travel seasons to have a closer look at the Bosporus pearl, as the climatic mix of sun, clouds and fresh breezes coming from the Mediterranian sea is a perfect background to soak up Istanbul’s attitude towards life at daytime as well as at night like a sponge… Read More

The Bosporus Metropolis

What city better than ancient Byzantium and former Constantinople could have been a better starting point of an Arabia journey than the metropolis between Occident and Orient? Already approaching Atatürk airport was amazing when flying over Old Town, Golden Horn, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque at sunset.… Read More

Sultan Ahmet Mosque

Originating from Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Muezzin’s call to prayer spreads out over the city of Istanbul like a stream of fresh air. Majestically soaring towards the sky and sharpened like pencils the six minarets are framing the massive domes of Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which is also called Blue Mosque… Read More

Hagia Sophia

Directly in the neighbourhood of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque you can find the Hagia Sophia. The former mother church of Byzantine empire is a part of Istanbul for a slightly longer time than Blue Mosque is; if even not to say for more than 1000 years… Read More


When it’s raining in Istanbul then its historic part Sultanahmet has a second, a drabber sight. Streams of cement-grey rain water break its way through the roads of Old Town while soaking the garbage thrown on the streets. Istanbul’s missing garbage cans caught not alone my eyes… Read More