Istanbul – Heimliche Hauptstadt der Türkei

Das ich an der weltweit einzigen auf zwei Kontinenten gelegenen Stadt einen Narren gefressen habe, ist ein offenes Geheimnis. In Istanbul hat sich seit meinem ersten Besuch in 2007 viel geändert. Zum Beispiel erstrahlen jetzt nach langjähriger Restauration sowohl die Hagia Sophia als auch die Süleymaniye Moschee in endgültig neuem Licht.… Read More

Late Summer at Bosporus

Beside spring also late summer is one of the most attractive travel seasons to have a closer look at the Bosporus pearl, as the climatic mix of sun, clouds and fresh breezes coming from the Mediterranian sea is a perfect background to soak up Istanbul’s attitude towards life at daytime as well as at night like a sponge… Read More

Marraca$h’s dazzling Bustle

The quiet place where the storks are spending their winter vacation is so much more busy and hectic for us humans. Framed by the snow covered peaks of High Atlas while being riddled with exotic palm trees; that is the way how Morocco’s most known city is presenting itself. Marrakech, a place where you can bring your senses into closest contact with the Orient and its clichés… Read More

In den Sand gesetzt – Marokkos Wüste

Wenn die eigene Hand vor Augen nicht in lauter Sand und im gelben Nichts verschwindet. Wenn die Lunge nicht von innen mit Staub paniert und der Planet nicht das letzte Tröpfchen Flüssigkeit aus einem rausbrennt. Wenn der Kamelrücken einem nicht die Männlichkeit wund und die Oberschenkel blau scheuert, ja, dann kann die Wüste richtig Spaß machen… ;-)… Read More

The spiritual Dignity of Fes

The old hub of the Kingdom of Fès accommodates the biggest historical medina of Northern Africa, while also being home of at least a million people and spiritual centre of the country… Read More

Colourful Petra

One of the few things you’re not about to expect in the Jordan desert between Dead Sea and Wadi Rum is definitely snow. Climate change is unstoppable, but fortunately the sun melted the white stuff and Jordan’s jewel, the unique mountain city of Petra could unfold it’s colourful visage… Read More

More eternal than Rome – Damascus

Already since Bronze Age earth-dwellers settled at the large oasis that is today known as Syrian capital. Already pharaohs like Thutmosis and Amenophis knew Damascus, one of the most continuously inhabited settlements on this planet. Not only the ancient Egyptians had the knowledge where Dimasq is as also two of the most important books worldwide, Bible and Quran, tell stories mentioning Aram-Damascus.… Read More

Faith moves Mountains

Faith, believe and religion are most perceptible in Damascus. Western Europeans will surely immediately spot all the covered women, who are sometimes even completely shrouded in their burqas. In Damas you can meet the coexistence of about 30 different religions. Its adherents are peacefully living together.… Read More